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Process optimization via software development and integration

ConVista 2Connect for SAP and SharePoint

… connects both worlds—without any third-party systems.

Distributed information, complex processes, one platform

The digital workplace is the future—this is now widely accepted as a given. In many companies, however, digitalization is still limited to data processing, communication, and related software. In the best case, there is an internet that allows sharing information.

What if there was one central location in which every employee could not only share a document but also view their work-time account, retrieve their payroll, or submit their leave request? What if contacting a colleague to accomplish these tasks or logging on to at least one more platform would be things of the past?

The more systems such as SAP, intranet, or cloud services we need for our daily work, the more time we lose. This is also highly inefficient since all have to learn how to use each and every system and constantly switch between the different worlds. Here is the ideal case: all information and activities consolidated into one platform. One single platform where employees communicate and collaborate: the intranet. This is where all processes take place—intuitively at the touch of a button and with only a few clicks.

But is that possible?

We make complex things simple!

ConVista 2Connect unites both worlds. It enables employees to work in SAP within SharePoint or Office 365. Without even noticing the system switch because the interface is so easy-to-use and familiar as is the intranet—and also because there is no need for a new logon.

What makes ConVista 2Connect special: we only need SAP to make everything work—you do not have to buy expensive interface software. Our Rapid Development Solution (RDS) lets you quickly create processes and design graphical interfaces in SAP. We will then map these with our add-ins in SharePoint, your intranet.

What we can do for you:

  • In a strategy and architecture workshop, we analyze all your systems, evaluate them, analyze their technical potential, and work out a strategy. We will let you know where a coupling would be good and useful. The level of knowledge of your employees as well as a time and cost frame will be considered.
  • Alternatively, we will build you a prototype based on our RDS solution, which will be fully operational within two weeks. The prototype will be made available to you for testing purposes. Then you decide whether you prefer an RDS license or alternatively our add-ins.
  • If you not only need the interface but also SAP data, we have a predefined interface for you, which RDS creates at the click of a button. We will load the interface and take single-sign-on and authorizations into account. You will not only get an interface from us but also a transport of your data.

  • Integration cannot be more simple: no need for third-party software.
  • The modular approach makes our solution extremely fast and inexpensive.
  • Employees work with single-sign-on from one interface and do not have to toggle between different systems.
  • We make interfaces (GUIs) simple as well as intuitive and will match them visually to your corporate design.
  • Our solution can be run on mobile devices as app and also as web application.
  • Your SAP platform remains the core processing system; there is no need for sending data or anything the like.
  • Central access to processes and information makes your company attractive as employer and the digital workplace a lived reality. It is a fact: the easier the access to processes and information, the more attractive is the digital workplace.

If you work with us, we can offer you:

  • SAP and SharePoint expertise under one roof
  • Know-how from experienced integration and process specialists—for many years already, integration is our core business
  • Extensive HR and finance expertise
  • Comprehensive view of all your communicative and technical processes
  • All processes and information in the SAP application to which they belong

Dr. Thomas Schönemeier

Managing Partner

+49 221 88826-304