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Process optimization via software development and integration

Product Engine Adapter for FS-PM

Connecting product engines to SAP FS-PM

SAP FS-PM is delivered as standard with a product definition tool and a corresponding runtime environment. Many customers, however, already have a solution to calculate rates and premiums. This requires a judgment call on whether or not to keep the existing solution and integrate it into FS-PM or to migrate the products onto a new system. As of release 5.0, FS-PM offers interfaces that allow integrating existing or alternative product systems. This gives insurance companies the option to introduce a new policy system and continue using their existing product solution.

The ConVista Product Engine Adapter enhances SAP FS-PM with a new interface to the In-Force Business Configurator (IFBC). In only one step, static product data can be imported from the product development environment into the IFBC. The ConVista Product Engine Adapter is thus the first and only available adapter to connect alternative product engines to FS-PM. The runtime integration of the product system is implemented as web service and supports all FS-PM standard processes. Integrating Faktor-IPS and SAP FS-PM via the Product Engine Adapter is available as standard software from ConVista.

  • Optimal integration of your product management system

  • Easy implementation of product data into the system landscape

  • Enables easy and parallel development of all lines of business

  • Fast and flexible import of product data into FS-PM

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