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Process optimization via software development and integration


A New Emphasis on Remuneration

Flexible Planning, Design, and Management of Variable Remuneration with ConVista Variable Payments 2Go (VP2Go)

Increasing flexibility in the employment world, means that rigid structures of hours worked and location is becoming less relevant. When more importance is being laid on project styled operations, and working hours/leisure time start to overlap, more responsibility lies with the individual.

Those companies adopting a modern ethos will address these developments and create new remuneration models that are also flexible. Many companies already use variable models with individual target agreements, team targets, and specific bonus plans. If implemented correctly, employees will focus on the corporate goals. Annual appraisal meetings will become more efficient and will revolve around the mutual benefit of employee and company development.

This goal is only achieved if all individual components are coordinated and can be implemented quickly and easily. Often technical problems arise: Are you unable to implement new calculations without the assistance of an IT department? Would you prefer your department to test new tools first? Is the way forward becoming less transparent?

If so we can help you!

We have developed VP2Go—a software that enables you to model, plan, design, and manage all remuneration elements very easily.

  • Easy to use: Define and maintain your remuneration concept independently. User-friendly input screens with flexible selection lists support you without the need for any programming.
  • Maintain the overview: A clearly structured user interface ensures complete transparency of the remuneration process. Any questions that may arise can thus be answered at any time.
  • Flexibility: You can also realize individual agreements or “soft” factors within the system. VP2Go helps you to weigh variables in any given situation and allows you to choose the basis of assessment.
  • Comprehensive standard views: Make use of an existing infrastructure—VP2Go offers not only an easy-to-use administration but also an audit-proof invoicing along with clearly structured reporting functions. All of these features are interrelated and provide an entire view.
  • Efficient simulations: Plan new remuneration concepts and save them via efficient simulations. This allows you to better validate and anticipate new trends or changes
  • Fast implementation: Time is valuable. As soon as we have discussed your requirements, we implement them in the system quickly and your employees can familiarize themselves early on with all features of VP2Go.

VP2Go enables:

  • You to plan new remuneration elements based on a comprehensive reporting.
  • Your employees to implement even complex remuneration elements in the system. On their own. Without any additional programming effort.
  • Your employees to respond immediately to any questions because they have all information at hand.
  • You to meet various employee lifestyle scenarios with individual variable remunerations.
  • You to maintain transparency at all times with using a clearly structured performance overview.


  • Your department employees can work independently of IT.
  • Makes effective use of variable remuneration to achieve the best results for you and your employees.

We will provide you with:

  • Experts with more than 13 years’ experience in variable payments
  • An audit-proof remuneration solution that can be easily integrated into your system landscape
  • Consultants, supporting you from start to finish and provide excellent knowledge transfer to your employees

Christian Madey

+49 89 520 311-632