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Process optimization via software development and integration

ConVista Healthcare Cost Manager

Manage, refund and control more efficiently

From blood pressure reading at the office to hip replacements in Hongkong — ConVista’s healthcare cost manager has everything under control and will help you work more efficiently: it will support you in managing, refunding, and controlling all healthcare-related expenses of your employees.

Many processes that you are still doing manually can be digitalized and automated with the healthcare cost manager. This will save you time and money. Additionally, the healthcare cost manager ensures meeting performance targets and assists you in all compliance-related tasks.

The application was developed with our Rapid Development Suite (RDS) and can be fully integrated into your existing system. This also means more efficient workflows for you since financial or personal data can be automatically obtained from SAP ERP (Enterprise-Resource-Planning) for accounting and human resource management.

Are your employees deployed internationally? If so, the healthcare cost manager is the ideal software for you: all of its features qualify to ensure the global deployment of your employees.

  • Reliable solution with a sustainable SAP-based architecture
  • Accurate handling of all healthcare costs
  • Automated accounting of all premiums
  • Clear presentation of complex reports
  • Reduced error rates for login and logoff
  • Fully integrated access to Microsoft Office programs and SharePoint integration
  • Connection to most archive solutions
  • User-friendly application
  • Online access for mobile uses

Torsten Kreis

+49 30 419528-549

ConVista Healthcare Cost Manager