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Process optimization via software development and integration

ConVista SolVentos

An integral solution

Solvency II presents considerable challenges to European insurance companies in the areas of risk management,  underwriting risk and solvency reports. As a consequence, data management requirements are comprehensive and integrated data landscapes need to be built up by bringing diverse and complex IT-systems together.

SolVentos automates important components and standards of Solvency II. The advantages of the SolVentos software solution  lie in the areas of calculation for the uniform standard model, data storage and collection, as well as in the field of reporting. This makes it possible to automate reporting to the regulatory body based on reporting templates.

By offering SolVentos, ConVista provides a software solution which covers the Solvency II requirements of Pillar 1 and Pillar 3. SolVentos enables a flexible transfer or the entry of raw data in accordance with Solvency II in SAP BW. As a result, the whole ETL functionality of SAP BW can be used. Operative systems (e.g. legacy systems, SAP FI etc.), other DWHS, external systems or even data files (e.g. excel spreadsheets) can be sources of data.

SolVentos makes the reporting to the controlling body possible using a pre-defined portfolio of QRT-reports. The solution is completed by a procedure for XBRL-transmission which enables the reports to be sent automatically and securely.

  • XBRL-transmission to the regulatory body

  • Pre-defined QRT-reports incl. regular updates for changes

  • Reference data model in SAP BW

  • Data storage with guaranteed auditing acceptability, operational safety and performance

  • Calculation logic appropriate to Solvency II standard formula according to QIS5

  • Flexible transfer and entry of raw data

  • Monitor for controlling the Solvency II reporting process

  • Flexible integration of diverse data storage systems

  • Using the data for internal reporting

  • Database for qualitative reporting

Guido Helden

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