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Process optimization via software development and integration


Customer-specific, close-to-standard and certified custom-made solutions

Even though the implementation of standard software comprises many advantages, a problem arises in many IT projects in that not all customer requirements can be fully mapped into such a solution. Therefore it makes sense to extend this technology to meet the needs and requirements of the customers. However, extensions of any kind must be carefully designed, in particular the architecture, its modification capabilities, as well as the maintainability of the solution.

We design and build software products, with a particular focus on flexibility and architecture. Our own products, as well as solutions based on SAP standard complements, Microsoft technology or custom-made solutions based on JAVA and the component model Java Enterprise Edition (JEE), are typically certified by the platform producer after a detailed quality assurance.

When customer requirements cannot be covered by combining existing ConVista-, Faktor Zehn- or SAP standards, our teams develop individual solutions, hand in hand with experts from the respective client departments. Our developers will work for our customers either at their own client premises or from one of our ConVista Group office’s according to the business and architectural guidelines of the customer.

Christian Madey

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