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ConVista SAP-Add-on ConsPrep Tax


A leading manufacturer of installation technology replaces its usual ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) add-ons (in SAP-standard) and now work with ConVista Consulting’s SAP-add-onConsPrep.Tax.

With this software the global organization can create its annual tax returns easily and efficiently and submit them to the financial authorities electronically in the form of an e-tax statement.

Moving from SAP-standard towards clearer overview and greater transparency

For the last few years the German family-run business has been using the consolidation preparation tool ConsPrep for its intercompany co-ordination, and thanks to the integrated component ConsPrep.Tax, they can now access additional functionality with their SAP-system: so as well as creating and transmitting the e-tax balance, the company can also use tax versioning to differentiate annual financial statements.

According to Sasche Rankers, Product Manager for ConsPrep.Tax and Associate Partner at ConVista, “the customer was particularly impressed with the consistent data management, the clear process visualization and the instinctive mapping of accounts for the respective taxonomy entities,”.


E-tax balance compliance

The e-tax balance is a regulatory reporting requirement in Germany, which consist of balance sheets, P&L statements and other reports. Thanks to ConsPrep.Tax, the group’s e-tax balance fully comply with legal requirements. The software meets the current regulatory requirements of Taxonomy 5.3* which affects partnerships in particular. Currently, ConVista is working on implementing Taxonomy 5.4 und 6.0.

The development of corporate taxonomies follows a two-year cycle, in which organizations are repeatedly confronted with certain challenges. For example, according to Taxonomy 6.0, published recently, it will be compulsory to include the asset schedule in the attachment from 2017 onwards. According to changes in the accounting directive implementation law version 6.0, companies that transmit a commercial balance with offsetting and reconciliation or a uniform balance sheet need to deliver an e-tax balance for the business year 2016. Thanks to the simultaneous implementation of two taxonomies (5.4 and 6.0), ConVista ConsPrep.Tax provides companies with considerable flexibility such as skipping the 5.4 version and, therefore, will follow the financial management taxonomy cycle more closely in future implementations.

“The changing requirements imposed on financial management  are not only a challenge to companies, but also to us as a software partner. However, checking early on, whether the company’s current systems and processes can generally meet the requirements or not is more important than choosing the appropriate e-tax balance software. This is where ConVista can help, not only as a software developer but also as an IT-consultancy house”, Rankers explains.


* A taxonomy is a hierarchical data schema defined by the legislator in which tax relevant data need to be reported in a standardized way. This includes, amongst others, a clear defined account schema.