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Customer Journeys tell a story. Journey Analytics will illuminate them.


Optimize your customer loyalty and customer satisfaction with customer journey analytics

A simple but important insight: your company will only be successful in the long term if your customers are content. This is why you should not only focus on winning new customers but also on retaining and binding existing customers. Customer satisfaction gives you the edge in today’s highly competitive market.

An easy, effective, and smooth communication is imperative to keep your customers content. When it comes to your products and services, your customers also expect a unique experience—across all contact points.

To fulfill the needs and wishes of your customers in the best possible way, you need to look at all these individual customer interactions in their entirety. To face this challenge we put the spotlight on these customer interactions.


An example of customer journeys that led to the download of a software

Company websites, comparison portals, competitors’ websites, self-service portals, customer service centers in the city, emails, calls, apps… Do you know what journeys your customers have undertaken? And what experiences they have had before buying from you? Or before making a complaint,or rejecting your products/services and buying elsewhere? And do you know all the contact points they use?

Understanding data as a connected journey is the biggest asset of journey analytics: by connecting all contact points between customer and company, we open up the complete sales and service process from the customer perspective and connect it with existing data of your company.

Use journey analytics and benefit from the following potentials:

  • Increased customer satisfaction: Identify and eliminate cost-intensive journeys, inefficient customer approaches, and other factors that cause discontent.

  • Improved customer loyalty, better sales and service: Find out which channels your customers use most to contact you. Then you can optimize the channel contents and any related customer interactions. Create new possibilities for up- and cross-selling with proactive customer approaches and special campaigns.

  • Save service costs: Start with the most crucial journeys and step by step optimize the digital interaction with your customers. Lower the call center workload and reduce service costs for all contact points. If you keep an eye on the journey data and also on the actual digital behavior of your customers, you can control how the improved service processes work.

  • We can provide you with a more accurate  perspective. Customer journey analytics enables you to discover the potential for optimizing your sales and service processes as well as the quality of your customer interactions, either one-to-one or with a group of customers.
  • We have longstanding industry expertise. Our ConVista experts understand our customers’ business inside out and we have specialist analytics and big-data expertise. We have been implementing analytics projects since 2005 and are familiar with the challenges relating to our customers’ data.
  • We utilize our wealth of experience. We are very experienced players in the broad subject of customer engagement and commerce. We support our customers’ goals when optimizing their sales and service processes and when implementing CRM systems, or undertaking campaign management and web shop solutions.
  • We work with efficient partners. This enables us to provide you with solutions that combine our expertise and result in lucrative and unique offers. You can find out more information here.
  • We are always at your side. Not only do we create use cases for you, but we also support you in analyzing results, designing processes, and implementing them into your IT structure.

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