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> 350 customers,
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Frameworks for the Quick and Flexible Implementation of Commission Ideas

Helsana Insurance AG

Support of FS-ICM Good News


Helsana has been using FS-ICM for many years to optimize the remuneration process with their agents as much as possible. From time to time incentives are paid to support product sales in the short term. Under the heading ʻGood News,ʼ Helsana informs its agents about such campaigns. The previous settlement and disbursement solution was implemented with the help of the additional commission case. This  solution, however, was not very flexible, since master data had to be adapted in order to store the triggers for additional commission cases in the contracts.

The new solution, called Quality Commission, comprises a framework that implements commission ideas in a very quick and flexible way. The Quality Commission only needs to be entered in Customizing and a function module for the data selection has to be defined. In Customizing, information can be stored as to which agents (standard contract) are eligible for Good News and which remuneration rate is valid, depending on the pre-defined rules. The framework posts documents, not commission cases.